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Demi Lovato explains why she’s now using pronouns she/her again

Demi Lovato explains why she’s now using pronouns she/her again


emi Lovato is now back to using she/her pronouns because she is “feeling more feminine”.

The singer, who came out as non-binary and asked to be referred to as they/them just over a year ago, recently added the she/her pronouns to her Twitter bio.

Confirming the change during an appearance on Spout Podcast yesterday, the 29-year-old – who also still uses they/them – explained: ‘I’ve actually adopted the pronouns of she/her again with me.

“So for me, I’m such a fluid person that I don’t really and I don’t find that I am…

“I felt like, especially last year, my energy was balanced and my masculine and feminine energy so that when I was faced with the choice of walking into a bathroom and it said, women and men, I didn’t feel like there was a bathroom for me because I didn’t feel necessarily like a woman.

She continued: “I didn’t feel like a man. I just felt like a human. And that’s what they/them is about. For me, it’s just about like feeling human at your core.

The star encouraged fans to stay true to themselves after identifying as non-binary last year

/ Getty Images for iHeartMedia

“Recently I’ve been feeling more feminine, and so I’ve adopted she/her again.

“But I think what’s important is, like, nobody’s perfect. Everyone messes up pronouns at some point, and especially when people are learning, it’s just all about respect.”

The star had come out as non-binary in May 2021 and announced then on Instagram that she was taking on the they/them pronouns.

She wrote: “Today is a day I’m so happy to share more of my life with you all – I am proud to let you know that I identify as non-binary and will officially be changing my pronouns to they/them moving forward.

“After a year-and-a-half of exploration, I realised it was time to let the world know that it feels weird to me when I get called a she or a her.

“I understand that people might have a hard time adjusting to it because it is something new, but I want to encourage people to keep trying.

“I’m still, every day, stepping more and more into the identity that feels right to me, which is my pronouns being they/them…

“I want to make it clear I’m still learning and coming into myself. I don’t claim to be an expert or a spokesperson.”

Lovato went on to urge fans to ‘keep living in your truths’ and sent ‘so much love’ to those who are still struggling to come to terms with their identity.

While the star has received much support from fans following her recent announcement, she has also faced backlash from many, including US radio presenter Jackie ‘O’ Henderson who has labelled her “flippant” for reverting to she/her pronouns.

Henderson interviewed Lovato last year and revealed that her publicist had insisted that she make an effort to not mess up by referring to the star she/her back then.

She added on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday: “I think people will look at what Demi’s done and [think], ‘Maybe she should have thought about it for a bit longer before making that claim,’ because now she doesn’t feel that way anymore…

“[People] won’t like what she’s done and how flippant it’s been,” added Henderson. “But hey, each to their own.”

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