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Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri says seeing former Islanders say ‘I Do’ has ‘inspired’ her and Andrew Le Page’s wedding plans

Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri says seeing former Islanders say ‘I Do’ has ‘inspired’ her and Andrew Le Page’s wedding plans


asha Ghouri revealed she and boyfriend Andrew Le Page are “inspired” by Love Island couples from previous years who have successfully made it down the aisle after leaving the villa.

To date, the dating show has produced four weddings and spawned eight babies with 2019 finalists Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury expecting the ninth Love Island offspring later this year.

While this year’s finalist Ghouri has only recently moved in with Le Page, she admitted their romance is “blossoming” and one day hopes to follow in likes of Alex and Olivia Bowen to say: “I Do”.

“I think it’s so nice and beautiful and inspiring to see all these other relationships end in marriage and having kids,” the 24-year-old told the Standard while promoting The People’s Portraits National Lottery campaign.

“And one day I would love to marry Andrew. I see myself marrying him in the future.

“It’s all about communication in a relationship and me and Andrew have such great communication between each other and honesty.

Ghouri said Love Island couples like Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague inspire her and boyfriend Andrew Le Page

/ PA Archive

“Of course, we have our tiffs, every relationships does, but our trust in each other is 100% and genuinely we’re just blossoming.

“We’re just enjoying it.”

Although the turbulent beginnings of their romance were broadcast for all to see on national television, Ghouri said her,and Le Page’s relationship is now stronger than ever with the model revealing that he’s got her Nana’s seal of approval.

She admitted: “Me and Andrew are literally blossoming every single day. This is a love I’ve never felt before.

“This love is so different to our experience. I’ve never really felt love until I’ve been with Andrew and every day, we’re just growing even stronger and stronger.

“He met my Nana the other day and that was just the cherry on top. She adores him. We’re just living our life and making sure we’re both happy, both in it together and that’s all that matters.”

The pair moved in together after leaving the villa in August

/ Getty Images

And while things are going from strength to strength in their new apartment, she did say there’s something Le Page could work on – and that’s to stop leaving his clothes on the floor.

However, Ghouri admitted he’d be forgiven since he’s not afraid to challenge Kim and Aggie in the cleaning department.

She insisted: “He’s amazing though. He does the washing, he does the cleaning. He’s really good at house chores.

“He cleans the bathrooms, actually it’s fine. It balances it out nicely.”

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