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Travel news: ‘Madness’ for British tourists as shortage of drivers sparks travel disruption in Spain

Travel news: ‘Madness’ for British tourists as shortage of drivers sparks travel disruption in Spain


ritish tourists in Spain are facing further travel chaos after huge delays were reported for taxi services at Ibiza Airport.

Thousands of tourists have faced lengthy queues for a taxi to take them to their accommodation in other travel hotspots including Barcelona, Costa del Sol and Palma.

Taxi chiefs have blamed the issue on a shortage of drivers. Biel Moragues, who is a president of a taxi association, told the Majorca Daily Bulletin: “In the short term, it is impossible to find a solution. It’s madness.

“There aren’t enough buses either. But everywhere is the same – Barcelona airport, Costa del Sol.

“Everything is being overwhelmed, it’s unsustainable. This has never happened before. We can’t handle all the traffic.”

He estimated that there is a shortage of 500 taxi drivers in Mallorca and claimed the problem is twice as bad in Ibiza.

It follows fears that holidays to Spain will be among the worst hit after Gatwick announced a flight cap.

The airport said on Thursday that it would limit daily flights to 825 in July and 850 in August amid workforce shortages. It means up to 4,000 flights will be cancelled.

Paul Charles, chief executive of the travel consultancy PC Agency, told The Daily Telegraph: “It’s inevitable flights to Spain will be the worst hit.

“It’s very frustrating for consumers. The pressure is now on Gatwick and the airlines to cancel these flights urgently because airlines will be wanting to reduce the compensation.

“If they give over two weeks’ notice they don’t have to pay compensation.”

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